To help everyone be able to be conscious creators with their purchases, we have made drastic price cuts to lower our profit margins, but still bring you the same high quality and ethical products. All ingredients and vendors will remain the same. This will work if we as a community embody our zero waste model and return your jars to be reused! More changes and expansion coming soon! ❤️ Coco

Zinc Oxide Activated Charcoal + Probiotic Deodorant Bar

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*Our new deodorant bars are preorders and will begin shipping in 2-4 weeks!

Do you know what the hardest natural, organic replacement has been for me and my family: a good deodorant. That’s one of the number one questions I get from customers and friends as well... “what is a good natural deodorant brand that works?”.... After 4 years of development and tweaking and product testing on my 5 brothers, my sisters, my cousin, and my mom (who believe it or not- took 3 different formulations after my brothers signed off on it post workouts- to finally give her thumbs up - she was my toughest critic). BEST OF ALL- they are #PLASTICFREE & you don’t have to touch

Odor in your pits in large due to bacteria and fungi that dine on sweat molecules, breaking them down into more odorous compounds. Fungi and bacteria thrives in warm, wet environment. Oxidative stress also plays a roll in underarm odor, as well as trapped toxins due to diet, stress hormones, using antiperspirant, environment, and poor lymph node drainage. 

Our zero waste deodorant bars help you reclaim your “pit” health and work synergistically with your body to allow your body to sweat and rid itself of toxins that lead to body odor, promote lymph node drainage, while using bentonite clay and arrowroot powder to absorb the sweat, and ancient sea salts, activated charcoal, and a powerful blend of essential oils with antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti sulfur compounds to combat body odors.  New Research presented European  Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Amsterdam, Netherlands shows that a formulation containing zinc oxide is effective at reducing armpit odour through killing the responsible bacteria, and assists in wound healing. Every essential oil has been carefully chosen for its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing properties, to help harmonize your physical and spiritual energies, which can help to promote calm and well being, and ease stress related sweating and odors, as well as work naturally against the bacteria, fungus, heat, oxidation, and sulfurs that lead to body odors when you sweat. 

Non Nano Zinc Oxide: underarm odor is largely caused by Corynebacterium spp. and Staphylococcus spp. Zinc oxide has been documented to have extensive antimicrobial effects against both  and in experimental studies, daily application of Zinc Oxide reduced malodour from armpits and causative bacteria, and increased skin surface pH to a more beneficial acidic level  

Wild Harvested Distilled Aloe Vera: helps balance skin ph,  soothes underarms, and helps with razor burn  

Bentonite Clay+ Arrowroot Powder absorb excess sweat to keep you dry

Activated Charcoal adsorbs built up toxins that creat foul odors

Ancient Sea Salt balances your skins ph and kills odor causing bacteria

Tea Tree + Bergamot+ Peppermint + Sage+ Rosemary+ Thyme+ Lavender  combine to create a powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant, deodorize, as well as provide a cooling effect, which helps to eliminate the cause of odors. They provide a wonderful uplifting, herbaceous, citrus musky scent that also defend again bad odors. Peppermint provides a cooling effect, is anti- inflammatory, and aids the effectiveness of other essential oils. Thyme is potent against a stinky sulfurous component of sweat, called methyl mercaptan. Lavender combines well with the above essential oils  to add a sweet smell, and also provides a cooling effect. 

Beeswax, cacao butter, coconut oil, and shea butter moisturize and protect your skins ph balance to keel pits smooth and clear 

Probiotic blend replenishes the “good guys” in your microbiome to regulate odors and keep things fresh


Lemongrass+ Grapefruit+ Rosemary:

*lemongrass has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps center one with forgiving ourselves and others. It teaches the balance of “forgive and forget” and promotes feeling calm, cool, and collected, as well as bringing a smile to your face. Incredibly uplifting, it cleanses the physical, which helps clear the spiritual, and can help uplift out of misery, clear negativity, and promote feelings of love, and helps to develop psychic powers

*grapefruit: antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, can help to reduce anxiety, and have a positive effect on your mood. It’s magical properties are that of attunement and cooperation, and it awakens the body, mind, and soul, and reconnects us to harmony

*Rosemary: a powerful antioxidant, it can help stimulate circulation, and it it also provides clarity, energy and uplifts spirits. It’s magical properties are that of healing, love, protection, and purification. 

Sandalwood + Lime+Sage:

*Sandalwood: a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and aphrodisiac. This oil is an antiseptic and astringent, and can calm mild skin inflammations, such as razor burn. It promotes harmony, peace, serenity, and unity, and its magical properties are that of healing, protection, and spirituality. This oil helps encourage a meditative stage that can link us to our spiritual self, and help us to connect with humanity. 

*Lime: This oil is loud, uplifting, and drives you into action. It helps inspire, refresh, and clear a path to greater creativity, while supporting radiant skin! It is also a powerful antioxidant, and promotes radiant clear skin. 

*Sage:  Spiritually, sage cleanses and purifies, and its properties consist of courage, grounding, and perseverance. It’s magical properties include longevity, procession, and wisdom. It is considered sacred, and helps when it is difficult to innerstand the actions of humanity, helps to purify environments, and connect us to the spirit of our home. Physically, it is antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Sage is composed of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antispasmodics that prevent damage from free radicals, eliminate inflammation and alleviate muscle spasms or twitches.

Rose + Vanilla+ Thyme: 

*Rose: this sensuous oil promotes spiritual contentment, happiness and peace, and magically it promotes healing, love, and protection. It brings unconditional love and giving, comfort, and harmony, emotional comfort, a confidence boost, and enlivens your heart. It is antibacterial and  antifungal, hydrates skin, and connects you to your feminine energy. 

Vanilla: this incredibly warming and sensual oil is an aphrodisiac, helps promote inner peace and comfort, relaxation, and is also a powerful bacteria inhibitor. 

Thyme: a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and anti inflammatory oil, it also promotes spiritual balance, courage, and support. It’s magical properties consist of healing, love and purification. Spiritually, it reveals truth and balances the mind and spirit, and helps us to acknowledge our shadows and reveal our true selves. It helps to give us strength and courage needed to overcome fear and disillusionment. 

Cedarwood + Vetiver+ Lavender

Cedarwood: Spiritually, this woodsy oil promotes balance, rebirth, regeneration, and regrowth. It’s magical properties are that of healing, protection, and purification. It brings balance and steadiness to the spirit. It encourages us on our path and helps to bring our dreams to reality. Cedarwood Essential Oil holds the spirits of the ancients, teaching us to hold fast to the Earth.  Physically, it is antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. 

Vetiver: Spiritually, it promotes honor, self esteem, and wisdom, and magically promotes grounding and protection. Vetiver Essential Oil is calming and balancing. It helps one to remain calm and centered when facing adversity. It also helps promote restful sleep and calm dreams. It helps to protect one from negativity and promotes love to all. Vetiver Essential Oil is a Mercury oil and attracts money and gives protection from thieves. It relieves stress, and emotional traumas and shock. Physically, it is anti-inflammatory and ant-septic. 

Lavender: spiritually restorative and calming, and magically it promotes happiness, love, peace, protection, and purification. It brings the warmth of protective love from Mother Earth, lifts the weight of depression and sadness, and brings emotional balance to the psyche. It also awakens harmony. Physically, it is incredibly soothing to skin, cooling, and is anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. 

Apply to dry skin as often as needed. Press against skin to warm oils and then apply desired amount. If your bar crystalizes, wet under warm water and then apply liberally. Allow to dry before dressing. If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, or using a deodorant that allows you to perspire, we recommend following a detox regimen using our black magic face mask everyday for a week, and then maintaining 1-2 times a week to help your body release trapped toxins. Our No. 2 Acid Mantle Repair Hydrating Mineral Elixir Mist also works to help repair your skins acid mantle and microbiome, regulate odor, as well as cool down your pits and these 3 products work incredibly together to help your body regulate sweat production and detox the lymph nodes in your armpits. Your may find that as you use these three powerful products together, you will need less and less deodorant to stay dry and “stink” free, or may find yourself skipping deodorant all together, or only needing it on high activity or high heat days. Or, application may just be for the amazing scent they provide and for continued support of your lymphatic system and acid mantle, versus “needing” it in order to not clear out a room with your stench! 

Each deodorant bar will ship in a reusable and compostable able biobag- as we are a zero waste company, we will accept back the biobags when you recycle your jars back to us, and we will compost the bags ourselves in our outdoor compost, along with labels that your send back! We will soon have ultraviolet glass dishes and lids available for you to store your bars in, as well as the option for reusable beeswax cloths to wrap your bars in for on the go! The beeswax “handle” can be composted in your garden, melted in a candle warmer or stovestop to purify your air, or sent back to us to repurpose! 

Lemongrass+ Grapefruit+ Rosemary  : Organic “no harm” beeswax, organic unrefined fair trade cacao butter butter, organic fair trade unrefined coconut oil, wild harvested fair trade shea butter, organic golden jojoba, non nano zinc oxide, wild harvested aloe Vera, bentonite clay,  organic arrowroot powder, Redmond ancient sea salt, activated charcoal, probiotic blend, organic CO2 extracted rosehip, organic deodorizing blend (Tea Tree, Bergamot, Peppermint, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, & Lavender), organic lemongrass, organic grapefruit, organic CO2 extracted rosemary 


Sandalwood + Lime+Sage : Organic “no harm” beeswax, organic unrefined fair trade cacao butter butter, organic fair trade unrefined coconut oil, wild harvested fair trade shea butter, organic golden jojoba,  non nano zinc oxide, wild harvested aloe Vera, bentonite clay clay, organic arrowroot powder, Redmond ancient sea salt, activated charcoal, probiotic blend,  organic deodorizing blend (Tea Tree, Bergamot, Peppermint, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, & Lavender), organic sandalwood, organic lime, organic sage 


Rose + Vanilla+ Thyme : Organic “no harm” beeswax, organic unrefined fair trade cacao butter butter, organic fair trade unrefined coconut oil, wild harvested fair trade shea butter, organic golden jojoba, non nano zinc oxide, wild harvested aloe Vera, bentonite clay clay, organic arrowroot powder, organic tea tree essential oil, Redmond ancient sea salt, activated charcoal, probiotic blend, jojoba, organic CO2 extracted rosehip, amber, organic rose

Cedarwood + Vetiver+ Lavender: Organic “no harm” beeswax, organic unrefined fair trade cacao butter butter, organic fair trade unrefined coconut oil, wild harvested fair trade shea butter, organic jojoba jojoba, non nano zinc oxide, wild harvested aloe Vera,organic  bentonite clay clay, organic arrowroot powder, organic tea tree essential oil, Redmond ancient sea salt, activated charcoal, organic CO2 rosehip, organic cedarwood, wild lavender, organic vetiver

<3 We switched to Infinity/Miron Glass Jars! <3 

Each product comes in the worlds best glass jars: reusable extra thick European Miron glass jars, which use UV Light filtering technology and are air and light proof to preserve and rejuvenate the freshness. They look black, but hold in the light and you will see they are actually a rich violet color. You can see and smell the difference! Your products are totally protected & preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs! 

50 ml miron jars retail for $15 ach on amazon! Save your heavy duty glass jars to store your favorite products or food, or save to return to us for our upcoming recycling return rewards program

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