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NEW & IMPROVED EXTRA THICK FORMULA! Because this whipped cream has done more to help heal so many various skin conditions than I ever imagined, I have increased the beeswax and doubled the clay for extra rich barrier protection, staying power, healing, and to help withstand the summer heat! With 5.5 times the amount of the prior formulas beeswax, this luxurious combination of butters and oils and healing clay whipped together into a heavy butter, this cream will hydrate, protect, and balance your skins ph. My favorite 2 year old always exclaims, “that feels niiiiicee” when I apply it to her skin and diaper rashes. Give it a try and you too will be whipped in no time!

My Body Butter is my pride and joy, and is a full days process. I source the best, purest, unrefined ingredients, but that is just the beginning. The manufacturing process is just as important: high heat destroys vitamins and antioxidants, and metals and plastics compromise some ingredients and can fill them with toxins. I melt our waxes and butters at the lowest temperatures that melt the ingredient, but does not destroy the nutrients, and then add in the essential oils once the combination has cooled, so as not to destroy the essential oils healing capabilities. Everything is melted, combined, and mixed in glass bowls so there is no leaching, and no reactions between metals and clays. Once whipped and combined into a thick butter with the essential oils, it is immediately bottled in ultraviolet, airtight glass jars, so that no oxidation occurs! 

❤️Beeswax: Helps protect and repair rough, dry, and happed skin by forming a breathable protective barrier on the skin that helps protect it from environmental toxins, and helps hold in moisture to reduce dryness. Beeswax is also a natural humectant, meaning it attracts water molecules from the air to keep your skin hydrated, an important part of smooth, healthy skin! It is also a good source of vitamin A, which helps your skins natural exfoliation process for rejuvenated, glowing skin. Because it is anti allergenic, it is easily tolerated by those with reactive skin, and helps relieve dry itchy skin associated with eczema, psoriasis, and cracked skin.

❤️Fair Trade Raw Cacao Butter: an occlusive emollient that acts as a barrier to help keep your skin soft and prevent moisture loss. It’s high fatty acid content also allows cacao butter to penetrate further deep down into the dermis, where it demonstrably improves elasticity and tone. The vitamin E in cacao butter is readily absorbable by human skin, allowing its intensively moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties to get straight to work, helping to relieve dry or irritated skin. It also contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), which can help to relieve dermatitis and troublesome skin rashes. Cacao butter is also high in Omega 6 Fatty Acids (which makes up about 25% of your skin. These fats form a protective layer on your skin, preventing moisture loss for soft supple skin. High in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Zinc, which helps build collagen, combat free radicals, prevent premature aging, and help with wound healing!

❤️Fair Trade Unrefined Raw Shea Butter: our shea butter comes from the heart of rural Ghana, and is mostly produced by widows. Hand crafted in the traditional way, it is high in Vitamins A, E, and F, and lusciously full of good fatty acids. This luxurious ultra moisturizing shea butter is our pride and joy, and thanks to you, we are able to support amazing woman (fair tale ghana). This amazing shea butter protects your skin from environmental damage, has anti-inflammatory properties, and relieves symptoms caused by various microbes.

❤️Fair Trade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: an excellent moisturizer, naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, and great for atopic dermatitis. It can help relief itchy, scaly skin caused by psoriasis and eczema. Comprised of 90% saturated fats, it does not oxidize. It’s high Lauric acid, which makes up nearly 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil, is what make it so effective at blocking the growth of bacteria. Capric acid is another medium chain fatty acid found in coconut oil that has potential antimicrobial properties, which helps in the healing process of open, irritated, dry skin due to eczema and psoriasis.

❤️Olive Oil: penetrates deeply into the skin to provided intense moisturizing, without clogging pores, and provides a cleansing effect. It is effective for treating extra dry skin like eczema and more, and helps nourish diaper rashes, and even cradle cap. Rich in Vitamin E, polyphenols, phytosterols, and antioxidants, it helps protect the skin from premature aging, and restore skin smoothness. A rather rare compound, hydroxtyrosol, is found in olive oil, and prevents free radical damage to skin. It also helps with skin cell rejuvenation, to remove dead skin cells and leave skin renewed and glowing. This is especially helpful in cases of sever eczema and psoriasis with thickened skin patches.

❤️Organic Golden Jojoba Oil: actually a liquid wax, the structure is very similar to the natural oils of our skin, which helps it absorb faster than other oils while being incredibly moisturizing. It is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals, like Vitamin E and B, chromium, copper, and zinc, which helps nourish and protect skin. Jojoba helps tame inflammation, reduce fine lines, control acne breakouts, soothe sunburn, and more. It also can help trick your skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, and thus balance oil production. It is antimicrobial, helps repair skin, and helps heal wounds.

❤️Sodium Bentonite Clay: helps oxygenate skin for a smoother, healthier glow, draws infection and toxins out of skin, and contains minerals to help repair skin.



**Coco: Unscented for sensitive skin, except for the natural scent of the butters and oils, has a Coco scent from extra cocoa butter

**Lavender: relaxes skin (and mind and body too) regenerates skin cells, heals sun damage and scarring, and soothes inflamed/dry skin, especially great for rashes and eczema

**Orange+ Frankincense: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fights acne and dermatisis, promotes healthy, smooth glamorous skin, relaxing and calming, tightens and lifts skin, powerful astringent

***Vanilla: antioxidant packed to fight free radicals, relaxes mind and body and skin, aphrodisiac properties, uplifting, can combat yeast infections, soothe burns, reduce muscle pain (and smells like dessert!) Customer testimonial has shown it to be incredibly effective in skin conditions such as eczema on babies and kids, while being completely non irritating and gentle, even on the face and around the eyes. Due to poor crops caused by drought the past couple years, vanilla has almost quadrupled in cost, which is why we have had to raise ours...although we are still subsidizing some of it. There is $5.85 of vanilla in each 100 ml jar of body butter!!

**Peppermint: soothing to sore muscles, increases blood circulation which brings nutrients to skin , antiseptic, relieves irritated dry skin, heals cracked skin and lips, aid in decreasing oil secretion

Tips: Slather on your body day and night to keep your skin velvety smooth. Use after showering to lock moisture in for extra soft skin. Great for chapped hands and feet, eczema, rashes, and psoriasisas. Keep in dark cool shelf, as there are not preservative or synthetic emulsifiers, this may separate if stored in a room above 75 degrees. If it starts to melt, put in your fridge to harden back up.

Coco Lime Ingredients: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay, Organic Distilled Lime Essential Oil, Organic CO2 Coconut Pulp, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant

**Coco Ingredients: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant

 **Coco Lavender Ingredients: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay, Wild Lavender Essential Oil,  Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant

**Coco Orange+ Frankincense Ingredients: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay, Wild Orange + Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant 

Coco Vanilla: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay, Organic CO2 Vanilla 26% Vanillin, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant

Coco Peppermint Ingredients: Organic Raw Fair Trade African Shea Butter, Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Bentonite Clay,  Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant 

Please expect a 3-5 day window before orders are shipped as many items are made upon order... We try to ship within 48 hours but some orders take more time than others! Thank you!








<3 We switched to Infinity/Miron Glass Jars! <3 

Each product comes in the worlds best glass jars: reusable extra thick European Miron glass jars, which use UV Light filtering technology and are air and light proof to preserve and rejuvenate the freshness. They look black, but hold in the light and you will see they are actually a rich violet color. You can see and smell the difference! Your products are totally protected & preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs! 

50 ml miron jars retail for $15 ach on amazon! Save your heavy duty glass jars to store your favorite products or food, or save to return to us for our upcoming recycling return rewards program

Our Story

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Hello, I'm Coco, and this is me and my family.

I am the founder, owner, and formulator of Reclamation Organics, formerly Cocos Organics. I’m a wild woman, a divine feminine being, a lover to my partner, a bonus momma to two beautiful girls, and a business owner with a vision to build regenerative  commerce that does good FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY, FOR THE FARMERS, FOR THE ANIMALS, FOR THE EARTH! I believe we can rise above being consumers, and be conscious creators through where we invest our energy and our money.

We are a small, family owned business, run out of our basement and garage (converted to a clean kitchen and our own shipping space) and we have a mission to create amazing and sustainable body and home care lines, and to create a consciously curated shop of goods from artisans and families around the world. What began as a line of 6 organic, results driven, handmade, organic body care products created 5 years ago by Coco for her family and friends, and then turned into a expanding line of products after a successful online launch and devout users who stayed with us after a year long closure due to trademark disputes, has now expanded yet again to include curated items from fair trade, zero waste, & consciously crafted good: GOOD FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY, FOR THE FARMERS, FOR THE ANIMALS, AND FOR THE EARTH. We are bringing in items from over 20+small ethically and socially responsible businesses, along with my line, and I am feeling so good about the direction we are headed. This has all been made possible with the monetary, emotional, and physical help and support of my parents, siblings, friends, and amazing employees along the way, and now with the support and inspiration of my beloved partner and daughters.

We believe in being conscious creators with our purchases, rather than consumptive consumers, and we invite you to join us on this mission.

About my body care line:

Cocos Organics was created after I began searching for organic, non toxic skincare, and couldn't find anything that met my criteria: which was 100% organic, synthetic and questionable ingredients free (or in other words being able to read and understand all the ingredients on a label, am I right?!), ethically sourced ingredients, and stored in nontoxic containers. Let's be honest, there are some great products out there with great ingredients, but they are usually stored in plastic, or vice versa- products with questionable ingredients stored in glass... My mission to find 100% organic, simple products with the best ingredients for healthy skin, stored in glass, seemed impossible. I wasn't comfortable settling for a great product stored in plastic. Plastics leach, and even BPA free plastics contain many other untested chemicals, which may be worse than BPA. Plastics are filled with hormone disrupting and cancer linked chemicals, which leach into the product, and then get slathered on your body and absorbed into your body. So Coco Organics was born, and has now been renamed “Reclamation Organics”. It “reclaims”  skincare and labels, seeking to set a new standard for skincare: organic and pesticide/synthetic/chemical free, made with luxurious raw and extra virgin cold pressed ethically sourced ingredients, and stored in glass. We not only source the best ingredients, with each product being hand made in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the vital nutrients in the unrefined and raw ingredients... we also use extra thick ultraviolet glass jars (like the Egyptians used) to preserve the final product, use compostable labels, have our own in house jar & composting recycle program, and ship everything zero waste.

Learn more here about our sustainable business practices here.


Reclaim beauty. Reclaim skincare. Reclaim health. Reclaim fair trade. Reclaim sustainability. This is #reclamationorganics



Regenerative Practices

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Here at Reclamation Organics our passion is in more than the product, it is also in the entire process. We believe businesses have a responsibility to to be ethical and leave as small a footprint as possible. As we have grown, we have constantly looked ahead to find more innovative ways to thoughtfully design our business to make a positive impact and be sustainable from start to finish. We call this our Clean Green Loop. It starts with the farmers and ends with getting the product to you. There is a lot in between!


Our Jars

We use ultraviolet glass jars and have our own recycling program. We use glass so that there is no leaching of plastic, and the jars can be used forever. The Miron Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part.
At the same time it allows a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products. You can learn more about our jars here


Our Labels


We have spent 3 months searching for labels that met our standard and we could feel good about using. We care about using eco-friendly packaging and after polling from you, our customers, we chose to use PURE Labels for our 100% compostable labels made by Elevate Packaging. The labels we are using are sourced from sustainably sourced pulp. We love our planet and know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters! When you send in your jars to be sanitized and reused, we will first try to reuse the labels- if the jar needs to be used for a different product, or the label has started deteriorating, we will remove and compost ourselves in our garden at the shop!  We are so so excited about this! 


 Our Mailers

We currently use Ecoenclose recycled padded mailers. There is just no denying the earthy appeal of 100% Recycled Padded Mailers. These bad boys scream, “EARTH MATTERS!”Recovered newspaper is matted into a layer of cushioning -- a pillow of paper of sorts -- and then sandwiched between two solid layers of recycled kraft paper. The result is one heck of an irrefutably eco-friendly cushioned mailer.

We are looking into use reusable mailers from Limeloop and will gradually been switching over when we use up all of our recycled mailers. 

Composting/Water: our methods coming soon- all waste and water is reused on our mini backyard homestead ❤️


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Help us end slave and labor trade! From now through December, 3% of sales will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues victims of sex trafficking. Your purchases will go towards the fight against human trafficking, and supporting our small business and that of other artisans from around the globe, as well as supporting organic farming, and healthy , eco driven, zero wasre goods.

We won’t be doing a Black Friday sale- we already lowered our prices 10- 30% year round- but we are giving everyone an opportunity to earn $20 in gift cards a week from now until the end of December, for sharing our social posts in your stories or feed on instagram or Facebook for the next month, following these directions:

Like, comment, and share our posts in your feed or stories with the hashtags #boycottblackfriday #reclaimtheholidays #thisisreclamationorganics, and we will send you a $10 gift card to shop our site in exchange! Every person can participate twice a week!! Be sure to tag us in your posts and stories, and then send us your name and email so we can send you a gift card!   

We are asking you to help us make it a #FAIRTRADE & #ECOCONSCIOUS & #ethicalgifts HOLIDAY .

We believe in slow, conscious consumerism, and paying fair wages to artisans and small businesses, many that are struggling to survive, let alone thrive. We also believe in slow and conscious consumerism to help eradicate the demand for slave labor and human trafficking, as well as to limit the amount of waste and garbage we fill in our landfills.

We believe in the power of community joining together to help spread a cause, and we want to thank you for that, and we also believe in artisans and small businesses making a fair wage for their talents, crafts, and work!

❤️Our 5 year anniversary is on Small Business Saturday, and to honor our community, we will be sending a $10 gift card to everyone on our mailing list and following us on social media, and will have more opportunities to earn gift cards as well!

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