To help everyone be able to be conscious creators with their purchases, we have added many more zero waste body and home goods products, and made drastic price cuts to lower our profit margins, but still bring you the same high quality and ethical products. All ingredients and vendors will remain the same. This will work if we as a community embody our zero waste model and return your jars to be reused! More changes and expansion coming soon! ❤️ Coco

You Mint Me Coco Face Mask

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  • 1 x Face / 100 ml

Meet the original "you mint me coco" a 100% organic sea salt chocolate mint face (did you start thinking about dessert because I know I just did) mask... Pretty much dessert for your face... Although you may be tempted to lick your lips a bit when using this luxurious face scrub.  Does this "mint you wanna coco" yet? Reformulated with golden jojoba oil, raw cacao and rosemary extract, and a deep vibrant red CO2 organic rosehip oil for extra antioxidants on your face!

Best for:

*Acne prone skin: really, we've had multiple babes come back for more because it cleared up their breakouts and they swear they cannot live without it!

*Sensitive skin: The super cute model above is my very own little brother and he is the ultimate test for sensitive skin products-- back a long time ago before I knew any better and used so many toxic products it makes me shudder to think of-- I sprayed him with a name brand perfume on his neck as I was getting all did up, and he instantly starting bleeding! What an eye opener to the harsh chemicals in our everyday products. So we can safely say this is little brother approved!

Dry, flaky, dull skin: Does your skin not exfoliate well? It it dry and itchy? Clogged pores? The sea salt helps keep your skin renewed and fresh, and the butters and oils hydrate and moisturize to calm red, inflamed skin.

Oily skin: Did you know oily skin can be overly dry skin? Most acne products contain harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and cause it to overproduce oil--You Mint Me Coco helps normalize your skins ph level and sea salt gently exfoliates, and the shea butter and coconut oil keep skin hydrated so your oil glands don't freak out on you.

Mature Skin: This mineral and antioxidant rich mask can help to deeply hydrate mature dry skin- helping to plump, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and firm your skin!

So really...I guess that we are saying this is best for everyone with every skin type!

*Sea salt: exfoliates and combats acne and normalize ph levels

*Raw cacao is filled with anti-aging antioxidants

*Shea butter, olive and coconut oil moisturize and protect your skin

*Peppermint heals your skin and helps fight breakouts.

Be gentle with your skin- although this is a course mask, we don’t recommend using it as a scrub, as this can damage your skins acid mantle, causing acne and dry skin. Apply as a mask and allow to sit on you skin for as long as you desire. For best results use 1-3 times a week.

Ancient Fine Sea Salt, Organic Raw Fair Trade Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic CO2 Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic CO2 Cacao Extract, Organic CO2 Rosemary Antioxidant


<3 We switched to Infinity/Miron Glass Jars! <3 

Each product comes in the worlds best glass jars: reusable extra thick European Miron glass jars, which use UV Light filtering technology and are air and light proof to preserve and rejuvenate the freshness. They look black, but hold in the light and you will see they are actually a rich violet color. You can see and smell the difference! Your products are totally protected & preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs! 

50 ml miron jars retail for $15 ach on amazon! Save your heavy duty glass jars to store your favorite products or food, or save to return to us for our upcoming recycling return rewards program

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