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Your skins acid mantle is composed of sebum, dead skin cells, sweat, and a healthy microbiome - it should be slightly acidic, with a ph between 4.5-5.5, and these protective oils waterproof your skin and help keep the skin cells tight and flat, protecting you from the elements (heat and cold and water, and also from toxins that lead to acne). I don’t believe there are different “skin types” so much as there are different ways peoples acid mantle is thrown off balance, which contribute to skin problems such as dry, red skin, acne, eczema, and oily skin. When your acid mantle is too acidic- you suffer from dry, scaly, cracked skin and allergies, and when its too alkaline, you tend to suffer from breakouts. Our acid mantle is damaged from over washing, harsh chemicals, tearing/removing the skin by exfoliating through scrubs and acids, and using hot water.

We recommend following the “less is more” when it comes to cleansing, especially if you are just starting to repair your acid mantle.

This is a simple 3 step facial system, each product is an essential step in repairing your acid mantle, and each product has received rave reviews. I am confident this will become a "must have" in your skincare routine, and that you will love your glowing, clear, smooth complexion. The full size bottles will give you a 2-3 month supply. 



  1. Use lukewarm/cool water- never hot water, on your face.
  2. We recommend oil cleansing your face, neck, and chest once a day- usually at night, and in the morning you can either rise with cool water or spray with the hydrating elixir and wipe clean, (OR BOTH) OR skip cleansing all together and simply spraying your elixir, and then applying your face oil and any other butters to seal in all that sweat and even dead skin cells from the night before (your face should be clean enough if you cleansed the night before).  Use the elixir and oil throughout day if skin feels tight or dry to help create a hydrating mantle to protect you from the elements throughout the day.
  3. At night, either oil cleanse or cleanse with the healing elixir, then mist with more elixir, followed by the serum oil, and then the golden barrier balm and/or the miracle bum+ everything repair cream. The more the better, your skin can soak up all the goodness overnight and will do most of its healing.
  4. Always apply all 3 steps, plus extra balms, to your face, neck, and chest! This will ensure proper lymph node drainage and help repair and protect your delicate skin that is often just as exposed to the elements and toxins as your face is. It needs love too ❤️


No.1. Oil Cleanse

A gentle, non stripping oil cleanser for all skin types  to help dissolve makeup and dirt, clean pores, and heal your acid mantle. Jojoba is actually a liquid wax, is extremely stable, and most closely resembles your skins sebum.  It will help cleanse the “dirtiest” of skin, makeup, etc, while being extremely gentle and noncomodogenic.


Can be used am  & pm, but we recommend cleansing at night only. Pour desired amount for ace (approx quarter sized) and gently massage into skin (massaging upwards on face, and down your neck, and across chest towards your armpits) and gently around and on eyes for a few minutes, then rinse clean with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Never use hot water as this damages your acid mantle. Follow up with our hydrating elixir to double cleanse, and then mist face. 

No.2 Mist: hydrating cultured mineral elixir

An essential step in repairing your skins acid mantle, this elixir combines aloe vera and plant hydrosols to put water back into you skin, along with apple cider vinegar and fermented rice to help your skin’s acid mantle by imparting healthy bacteria to your skin and adjusting your skins pH. Kojic acid helps even skin tone and alleviates sun and age spots. Sea salt provides vital minerals, balances ph, and reduces inflammation.


An integral part of rebuilding your skin’s acid mantle and hydrating your skin for plump, firm skin! Use am and pm, and throughout day as needed when skin is dry. This is available in "full size" for home, and in a small travel size to keep with you in your purse and use on the go. Spray face, neck, and chest thoroughly, and then seal in with our face oil, body butter, miracle bum+ everything paste, or all three. Can also be used all over your body before applying body lotion for extra hydration before moisturizing.

**This can also be used to cleanse your face and neck in am or to double cleanse after oil cleansing: spray face thoroughly, then use our organic facial rounds to wipe face upwards until all grime and/or makeup is removed. Then spray face again and apply our no.3 serum oil. Can be topped with our golden glow barrier balm, and/or miracle bum+ everything paste.

No.3 Serum Oil

This serum is incredibly healing and moisturizing and a vital step in repairing your skins acid mantle. Jojoba most closely resembles your skins sebum to moisturize and rebalance even the dryest, oiliest skin, and is non oxidizing. It is completely stable and will not go rancid. Rosehip is nutrient packed to help heal scars, smooth fine lines, and tighten skin  These two non pore clogging oils form the base of our serum oil, and it is now available in 3 nourishing  plant, floral, and resin combinations that work beautifully and synergistically to repair your skins acid mantle, heal, soothe, and protect, for and incredibly soft, supple, and healthy complexion.


Apply a dime size amount (give or take depending on skin) after spraying face with elixir. Use am and pm. Can also be used to oil cleanse, as a makeup remover, or for hair. Apply using gentle strokes up face, and then downward strokes on your neck, and across your chest towards armpits. Following up by “pressing” into skin to help it absorb quicker.

**Our Golden Glow Barrier Balm and Miracle  Bum+ Everything Repair Cream can be used am and pm after applying No.1 and No.2 to help seal in more moisture and for added barrier repair and protection.  Play and explore around with these creations  and find what works best for you. There are days I use the whole system, then there are days I simply mist my face and apply No.3, or mist my face and apply the barrier balm (especially in cold winter months). I never skip using No.2 though. Reclaim you skin in a way that works for you.

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