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Reclamation Organics

Razor Blade Disposal Tin

Razor Blade Disposal Tin

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Perfect for safely disposing and recycling your double edge safety razors.

  • Designed for disposal of used safety razor blades safely
  • Made with quality steel, safely protecting yourself from used blades
  • Each disposal case can easily store up to 300 (good for 2 years if you change the blades each other day)
  • To recycle your blades and disposal tin. Tape up the slit and put it in your metal recycling
  • Sleek enough to fit on any counter top. Dimensions: W 64mm x H 64mm x D 45mm | Blade Slot: 2mm x 55mm
  • Can fit 100 double edge safety razor blades - there is a mistake on the packaging saying 300. Only can fit 100 razor blades

Made from steel. 100% recyclable with the blades inside of it.


  • Tin plated steel
  • Comes with an unbleached kraft paper box printed with soy ink, which is 100% recyclable


My name is Yibing Xi. I am 30 years old and have been working in our company for 6 years as a production manager. I think our company can give me a lot of opportunities to develop my abilities, and the salary is also very good. I live in a company dormitory, and my family lives in my hometown in Guangxi. For me, our company is my other home. I usually not only manage and care for employees, but also strictly control the production quality of the tin box. Hope our products can get your favourite.


Our factory is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. The minimum wage in Guangzhou in 2020 is CNY2100.

The employee’s work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and are paid CNY2375 a month, which is above the minimum wage. They are also paid overtime x1.5 on weekdays, x2 on weekends, and x3 on holidays.

Employees have health and safety related training when they start employment.

We distribute masks, earplugs, gloves and other labor protection articles for employees during work. We also purchase commercial insurance for employees.

Our company has established a labor union, elected employee representatives, and held regular meetings with the management to discuss the health, safety and welfare of employees.


  • Place used razors in the disposal tin
  • Tape up the slit and put it in your metal recycling once it is full

Please note that a quantity of 1 represents x1 razor blade disposal tin.

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