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Pet Skin Relief

Pet Skin Relief

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Our fan favorite No.2 Hydration Mist, adjusted to the idea dog skin ph which is actually more alkaline than a humans. A dogs skin should have a ph of between 7- 7.52  . We have recrafted out hydration mist to be suitable for dogs skin, with more aloe, plant hydrosols, water, and minerals, and a small amount of apple cider vinegar for the cultures  . 

One size: 200 ml

We used this mixture on a dog we were sitting who was suffering from severe hot spot, rash all over his abdomen. His owners said he suffers from the often and they have a special medicated shampoo, but they had not left it with us, so I dove into the research on a dogs skin, and adjusted our hydration  mist to the correct ph for him . Within several minutes much of the heat has dissipated, and within a few hours it was almost gone. He had been licking at it incessantly, and finally found some rest.

This is ideal for :

•After bathing to adjust to desired skin ph 

• Hot spots

• Dry flakey itchy skin 

Dog Skin Barrier Biology Lesson  

The dog’s skin is the most alkaline of all species making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria (aka skin infections) if the pH is disrupted. If this happens, inflammation and infection can occur due to over-drying and eroding of the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). A dog’s epidermis is only 8-10 cell layers thick, whereas human’s are 18-20 cell layers thick! The dog’s skin is thicker overall, but the epidermis is very thin and susceptible to bacteria if it is stripped away with improper ingredients that are not pH balanced for their skin. You are better off rinsing your dogs with just water, and just using minimal soap on their hair if needed. 

First a brief biology lesson: Just like human skin, dogs’ skin is made up of different layers, the outermost being the epidermis – its primary function is to protect against the ‘nasties’ in the environment. The epidermis in turn is protected by the stratum corneum, which serves to hydrate the skin by adding moisture when necessary and preventing excessive evaporation. The pH levels of this layer are important because an imbalance in these levels can cause no end of skin problems – providing a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and viruses. According to petmd, the normal range of skin pH levels for humans is 4.5-5.5 (more acidic) and for dogs, depending on size and breed, it is 7- 7.52 (which is more alkaline). To put it in perspective, pure water has a pH very close to 7. To complicate matters further, the epidermis of a dog is much more delicate as it is only 3-5 cells thick (in humans it is about 10-15 cells thick) and hence very susceptible to bacteria if this balance is not maintained.

Not everyone knows that a very alkaline product can do just as much damage as a very acidic product. Just as a very acidic product to humans like sulfuric acid would basically burn away human epidermis, very alkaline products such as Lye, can produce inflammation or even chemical burns on human epidermis. The same thing applies to a dog’s epidermis.

Here are some examples of pH levels of products some people use on dogs:

– Ivory dish soap pH 9.5
– Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo pH 5.5
– Baking Soda pH 8.3
– Vinegar pH 2.2
– Scope pH 5.5
– Listerine pH 4.2

When you move on the pH scale from one number to another, it indicates a change of 10 times 10, or a 100 fold change. For example, if you went from 7 to 5, that is 200 times more acidic, or from 7 to 9, that is 200 times more alkaline.

This means that dish soap is approximately 250 times more alkaline to a dog’s epidermis.

Baby shampoo is approx. 150 times more acidic to a dog’s epidermis.

Baking soda is approx. 130 times more alkaline to a dog’s epidermis.

Vinegar is approx. 500 times more acidic to a dog’s epidermis.

Scope mouthwash is approx. 200 times more acidic to a dog’s epidermis.

Human products should NEVER be used on a pet.


UV reverse osmosis filtered water, distilled wild aloe, organic lavender, yarrow, and chamomile hydrosol, organic apple cider vinegar, biofulvic minerals

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