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Cover Me Coco Mineral Sun Lotion

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  • 3 x Faces / 30% Zinc / 50 ml

Meet our long awaited organic sun lotion! "Cover Me Coco" was my first product I made, and has been tested by babes of all ages around the world the past 2 years! It's the perfect lotion to protect against long days in the sun, and uses a combination of pure organic wax, butters, oils, and zinc oxide to form a physical barrier against UV rays. It is also deeply nourishing and moisturizing to keep your skin soft and smooth and hydrated, even after long days in the sun and sea. Everyone that has used our sunscreen swears by it and says that they never experienced burns, while others they were with that did not use it did get sunburns, ouch! 100% chemical free, and free of oils and essential oils that oxidize in the sun! This sunscreen is strong enough to protect the fairest of them all from the sun, yet gentle and safe enough for babies and all the ocean life. We've got you covered!

**We decided to forgo FDA testing because we did not want to be required to put on the FDA warning label, which goes against everything I stands for when it comes to health. I never want to compromise on my products, as my whole line was born to ensure the health and safety of my loved ones. We LOVE the sun, we NEED the sun! Limited daily sun exposure, during high noon when UVB rays are strongest (the exact time sunscreen bottles, both mineral and chemical alike, tell you to avoid) is the BEST source for our bodies to make vitamin D, an essential vitamin that is linked to boosting immune systems and can even play a vital role in preventing cancer. So our sun lotion throws caution to the wind, while also protecting us from burns, which are harmful! And of course, it comes in a non leaching glass jar, because even the purest of ingredients become filled with harmful cancer and hormone disrupting linked ingredients when stored in plastic. 

Because our sun lotion is not FDA approved, we cannot make any SPF claims, however, we use non nano zinc oxide to form a physical barrier on your skin against UVA and UVB rays. The percentage of zinc oxide typically correlates to the SPF rating. We have had babies, children, and adults use our sun lotion safely, all day in the sun, with no sunburns!

Available in two options. Both are water resistant, but our active formulation is extra water resistant, formulated with extra beeswax and coco butter for long workouts in the sun, or long days of swimming! Our faces formulation is also water resistant and provides protection during activity and swimming, but may want to be reapplied more often. It does not contain any coconut oil or coco butter, which can clog pores in some individuals, and is therefore recommended for faces, but can also be used on your whole body if you would like a lighter, more easily spreadable formula for day to day use!

We also differ from most organic and mineral based sunscreens, in that we use only saturated oils in our sun lotion, to prevent long term skin aging from oxidizing oils. Most plant and seed oils, while rich in nutrients and even linked to UV protection, do oxidize in the sun, and oxidation can cause free radical damage to your skin, leading to wrinkles and sun spots. Plant and seed oils are recommended to be stored in dark jars out of heat and away from light, so even if you stored your sunscreens in these conditions, once applied and out in the sun, they will begin oxidizing on your skin. Saturated fats, like coconut oil, shea and coco butter, and even jojoba are stable under heat and light, so you don't have to worry about causing long term free radical damage to your skin with our sun lotion! This is also the reason we do not use essential oils currently to scent our sunscreen, and instead use coconut pulp, as essential oils can oxidize quickly in the sun and air. Vanilla has many healing properties as well, is more heat stable, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types.

50 ml glass jar 

We recommend getting daily Vitamin D exposure for 10-20 minutes depending on your skin type (shorter periods the lighter skin you are) as we do not recommend getting sunburned! After getting your essential UVB rays, apply "Cover Me Coco" liberally to all exposed areas, and reapply every couple hours or as needed. This lotion can harden in cooler temps and will melt slightly in water temps- if it has hardened simply rub between palms to melt, then apply! Our water sport formula uses extra beeswax to stay on during water activities or through sweat, and both may show a slightly to highly visible white film on your skin. We recommend layering until slightly visible, especially on children, to have confidence that you know you are protected! Re-apply after swimming or excess sweating. A little goes a long way, so start out with a small amount and keep layering until you reach desired coverage! One jar will last several months to a year depending on usage! This glass jar of organic sun lotion is travel size and will get you through all your travels around the world, or through that long day of swimming lessons with all the kiddos. ;)

ACTIVE: SPORTS/WATER  in "coconutz" 

Active Ingredient:

Non Nano Zinc Oxide in the following concentrations:



30% ( this is usually strong enough for most people, and will protect against almost 100% of UV rays)

Ingredients: Organic beeswax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic fair trade unrefined cacao butter, organic coconut pulp, organic CO2 rosemary antioxidant, organic and or wild crafted vanilla absolute or CO2 

*the past two years have yielded very poor vanilla crops, so it is extremely hard and expensive to get our hands on, the source and scent of vanilla may vary slightly depending on what we can source*

FACES in "coconutz"

Active Ingredient:

Non Nano Zinc Oxide in the following concentrations:




Ingredients: Organic beeswax, organic shea butter, organic golden jojoba, organic CO2 rosemary antioxidant, organic and or wild crafted vanilla absolute or CO2, organic coconut pulp

*the past two years have yielded very poor vanilla crops, so it is extremely hard and expensive to get our hands on, the source and scent of vanilla may vary slightly depending on what we can source*






<3 We switched to Infinity/Miron Glass Jars! <3 

Each product comes in the worlds best glass jars: reusable extra thick European Miron glass jars, which use UV Light filtering technology and are air and light proof to preserve and rejuvenate the freshness. They look black, but hold in the light and you will see they are actually a rich violet color. You can see and smell the difference! Your products are totally protected & preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs! 

50 ml miron jars retail for $15 ach on amazon! Save your heavy duty glass jars to store your favorite products or food, or save to return to us for our upcoming recycling return rewards program

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