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Cruelty Free Dryer Balls - Zero Waste, Case of 3

Cruelty Free Dryer Balls - Zero Waste, Case of 3

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Why choose our Dryer Balls?? Our Dryer Balls are made from cruelty free Canadian wool sourced from western Canadian farmers. There has also never been any bleaches or chemicals used in the process of making them!! They are totally chemical free. Our design is where we are worth it. We make our balls a little softer so they absorb the moisture and that is what reduces your drying time by 30-50%! For best results place 3 balls in the dryer at a time! Eco Friendly. Non Toxic. Sustainable.

About The Brand

Welcome to NaturaPure! We want to help you Do Your Part in living greener and cleaner. In 2017, Calgary-based Brooke Needer decided she wanted fewer chemicals in her life. Her Aunty Holly had been making and using wool dryer balls for years and thought she might like to give them a try. She taught Brooke how to make them, her friends started asking for some and in two shakes of a lamb’s tail she had a side hustle. Within six months, it became her passion and full-time job. “We will never add chemicals to our product, and will always use local, ethically sourced wool,” she says, “because that way we can guarantee that the animals are treated fairly.” From there we have grown into a full wholesaler of eco-friendly, multi-use products to make everyday living more minimal-waste based. We believe in helping people make that sustainable change from single-use plastics to products that last longer and can be recycled or composted when their lifespan is up.


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In order to offer the best experience for our Reclamation Organics customers, we reserve the right to limit returns if we have reason to suspect misuse of our generous return policy (such as excessive returns, reselling, or fraud).


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Who we are

Family owned business, operating out of our basement (converted to a clean kitchen and our own shipping space) and we have a mission: to create amazing sustainable organic body and home care along side a consciously curated shop of zero waste goods. Goods sourced from artisans and families around the world.